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30 Years of Manufacturing Electrostatic Loudspeakers

The Shackman- reromanus ESL repair service,
finishing and refining

We do master those matters


Thank you for coming along, possibly after eternally lasting searches finally finding what you really were looking for.



Get back your Hörfreude
Make your speakers sing again


Are you getting more and more  awful listening sessions with your old but beloved planar/electrostatic  loudspeakers?

You do not only want to have one of the best loudspeakers ever built, but you really want to listen music easily without any stress or anger as you did before?

Looking for rapid, decisive but fair help? Here you are possibly right.

But, nevertheless,  be aware... really repairing electrostatic loudspeakers is not that very easily done.

BUT after all..., why, the hell, trusting SHACKMAN-REROMANUS  ESL-REPAIRING/UPGRADING/REFURBISHING-SERVICES  for giving full renaissance to  your most valuable ESL loudspeakers

SIMPLY..... because of things  that really count in these matters:

  • Shackman-reromanus is  involved in ESL electrostatic matters since more than thirty years. In 1985, simultaneously he naissance of the famous MHT-85 ESL tweeter, SHACKMAN producing craftsmanship became allowed to be  directed to the art of serious repairing  work. You will profit from our technical knowledge, experience and competence with a proven longevity result.

  • Our philosophy is to have the best and most adequate test equipment available for working on your electrostatic loudspeakers. That is not trivial at all measuring reliably pico-Amperes, Tera-Ohms, up to 10 kilo-Volts DC and k2, k3 harmonic distortions. Best testing tools really are a must for a pro repair provider to get the most out of your ESL speakers to be fixed.

  • You will get a detailed written findings/diagnosis abstract , which can be used as expert opinion for sales, or for assurance purposes.

  • You will get  diverse therapy propositions and you can decide which work you want to be done and which one will fit your expectations on the long run.

  • You will get  a detailed estimate for the diverse possible repair/renewal/upgrade solutions.

  • You do not have any obligations or costs (except shipping) by giving the speakers to us for expertise.

  • Last, but not least. Your speakers will not be touched by anyone else than Reiner E. Römer, the Shackman-reromanus chief himself.

What can we do for you?

  • Repair and fixing of your valuable and beloved ESL loudspeakers/headphones  and almost all other conventional "non High Voltage"  loudspeakers on the market.  See right column list ----->>

  • Renewal, upgrading of your old ESL loudspeakers. Turning old into new, using new parts where necessary.

  • Refurbishment,. That is preventive checking and fixing of all possible weak points in order to avoid future damage and awful  listening sessions.

  • Deliver hardware (foil, coating,  adhesive, high voltage electronic parts), for your DIY ESL repair trials.

! What we cannot do and what we will never do !

  • We cannot , and we will not, repair physically broken original hardware like eg. frames or un-repairable PCBs. We have to order these items as spare parts from the original manufacturer, if available. If not available, the speakers will be declared by us as "beyond repair", in the sense of bringing them back  to original. The only thing remaining, will be to bring the speakers back to work. Not more but nonetheless not less. And that " not less" we stand for.. .. and it still is  and will be our successful work for fully bringing back to life your beloved treasures "beyond repair".

  • We will never work and have our fingers in any kind of broken special electronics, except EHTs, We will give these things to the original manufacturer for repair or for providing appropriate original spare parts/units.

  • Neither can we give you any information by phone, by mail or any other way on how to get  repaired  the speakers by yourself , especially concerning the high voltage danger. Nevertheless, surfing our web sites you will find technological background informations on how to repair your  electrostatic panels. For example  some hints on using coating, and how to stretch ESL diaphragms. But you really should keep your finger off the HV power supply. 5kV to 10kV is not that much a playground for DIYers in the very early years of their life. Please be careful.  Keep your hands off from that stuff, if you are not really very well knowing what you are doing. BANG.The speakers will be  off the play forever and you could be as well.

  • We cannot give you any complete schematics, diagrams or manuals for DIY repair. Nor can we and will we ever offer so called  repair kits,. That would be senseless, because we cannot send you our stretching jig. Instead, please find and use our special Shackman-reromanus DIY ESL parts and appropriate materials like foil or adhesive  for your own repair trials.

Please trust in the Shackman knowlegde, competence and facilities on electrostastic loudspeaker matters

We will be proud to answer all your questions immediately. You are welcome.

Please mail to: the repair department