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Written by Reiner Römer   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 17:10

60 Years Shackman DYNASTAT Electrostatic Loudspeakers 60 Years

35 Years R.A.E. - Römer Audio Equipment     -      German Specialists for ESLs 35 Years



Manufacturing Electrostatic Loudspeakers


Music is our love, perfection is our strength

Thinking Physics to its End


Here you find the schematics of the above R.A.E. ironless direct-coupled high-voltage  Transistor Amplifier for Electrostatic Tweeters, published in ELRAD


The - SHACKMAN - Electrostatic Loudspeakers and Amplifiers ESL -  Info Site presents:



The new SHACKMAN ESLAB-2020, standard version, black or silver finish


For any questions concerning: Shackman, former R.A.E. Römer Audio Equipment, Aachen, Duisburg, or Reiner E. Römer   please mail to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Some ideas for loudspeaker cabinet constructions with Shackman electrostatic speakers,

like e.g. the below "Römer-ELS-Horn MKIV" and the "reromanus AS40"

can be found here

Römer-ESL-Horn MkIV, LF-Horn Hybrid                reromanus AS40, "Quasi.D'Appolito"

R.A.E.-reromanus        <=>    Thinking Physics to Its End

Spare parts and other utilities for repair, upgrade or DIY of Electrostatic Loudspeakers, like foils, coating material, step up transformers, tubes and directly coupled OTL amplifiers can be found in our

Catalogue Site or eBay special offers

You are invited  to DOWNLOAD the offline  PRICE LIST on SHACKMAN products



Some historical documents of famous SHACKMAN Products

The famous SHACKMAN - "R.A.E."  "ironless" Solid State Tube Amplifier "V-MHT", still available as DIY kit.

Classic Römer-ESL-Horn with Podszus-Görlich driver

Shackman in Professor H.H. Klinger's famous "loudspeaker book", Franzis-Verlag, RPB105, p.154,
with Harbeth LF8MkIII and KEF B200 + BD139 passive radiator (Kef Calinda)

Music is our love, perfection is our strength

The influence of R.A.E. to DIY is best expressed in the best-selling loudspeaker book:

G. Schwamkrug, Reiner E. Römer, Lautsprecher -  Dichtung und Wahrheit,  Elektor-Verlag Aachen, 1988

as well as the R.A.E. Lautsprecherhandbuch

here you find the  3. (of 5) Edition for download.  Still sophisticated and highly on demand. (Up to 110 downloads/day)

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