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The SHACKMAN ESL-MHT/85 Electrostatic Tweeter

Finely crafted, hand made Electrostatic Loudspeakers since 60 years

Unveiled and available  technology from 60 years ago.... or ahead.


Yes. The Shackman electrostatic loud-speakers in its classical form of the ESL-MHT/85 line, built until 1995, are still available. But only in a certain limited number as  "refurbished" and "upgraded" versions. But they still contain all the know-how and myths of Alex Shackman's genius.

Refurbished in that context means, the panels are totally rebuilt from old ones. New technologies, material and new construction details make  them optically almost like new and technologically up to date.

But nevertheless, the MHT-85 tweeters are still absolutely compatible to the original Shackman ESL panels with all their mystical construction secrets and famous acoustical properties. Every single smallest acoustical or geometrical aspect of the total ESL construction fits perfectly to the others. After years of development from the fifties to early eighties, it became the perfect combination of diaphragm material and weight, stator distance and capacity, spacer geometry and appropriate high voltage bias.

The final result is a perfect, completely hand crafted, electrostatic loudspeaker since more than 60 years.

The very new generation of  Shackman ESLAB tweeters can be found here

The pictures above show  1.(left) the Shackman electrostatic MHT speaker  in the form, it has been manufactured from the early 50's to mid 90's and 2. (right) the way a SHACKMAN ESL could possibly look like in an adequate (plexi) housing and and a tube amplifier as driving device.

This is a 25dB scale. You see the frequency response at +/- 1dB down to less than 1kHz

You see the total k2/k3 harmonic distortion at less than .2% average  at 96dB SPL

You see the time delay response at 0,2ms  down to less than 1kHz at 96dB SPL

These are typical diagrams of Shackman MHT-85 panels driven with step-up transformer. OTL tube amplifier versions are even very much better. Like this one....

The very new generation of  Shackman ESLAB tweeters can be found here


The Shackman ESL MHT85 units in Professor Klingers' "Lautsprecher", Franzis-Verlag, RPB105


Mechanical/electrical components, spare parts and upgrade-devices can be found in our

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