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Written by Reiner Römer   
Thursday, 11 February 2010 15:28



No SUBWOOFER or "DiPoliThor"?

Since the early 80s there are divergent opinions about the use of a subwoofer with the ESL63/57. There are pros and cons and there surely never will be a consent between the two parties. And until a a couple of years ago, we were part of the cons party.  Despite having since more than 20 years  a perfect and satisfying  subwoofer system of our own, the DCS (Double Cavity) passive band-pass system with driver inside the cabinet and passive radiator outside.

But now there is a very new solution shining up at the horizon for combining a full range  ESL with an "open baffle" subwoofer. Perfect, because now both, the ESL and the Sub, are "open baffle"  drivers, with the same impulse behavior. And that really sticks.

We do think, that a subwoofer makes a lot of sense in cases, where the listener sometimes has the wish for more fundamental tones in its original sound level, like it is often done e.g. in mixing and recording sound studios world wide (Polygram, Tritonus, ETI, Dabringhaus, Straus).

Keep in mind, that this can also avoid the possible destruction of the Quads by giving to much voltage level to the speakers.

And you won't have the compression effects of the Quad63's power limiter electronics.

Even the passive input filter (230µF ELCAP)could be realized in a much more effective way, but not by omitting it.


Right now, when being asked, we recommend a mechanically simple but electrically difficult "Dipole-Subwoofer" solution. To the opinion of most of the high-end people and to ours,  it is right now the best subwoofer available - except perhaps a 10 meter unfolded lf horn-   because of its absolute absence of "boxy" and hollow  sound.

It is giving a light, bright, natural and open bass perspective to that what is called "lively resonance-free bass fundament". without adding anything else but that what lacks with respect to the live impression.  You can hear that very impressively listening e.g. to a "Bösendorfer Grand Piano"  You will not miss a single impulse "attack" impression in the very counter A's .

We will have our own solution for that principle, fully according to the special  Quad requirements in the very near future. It will be names the the "DipoliThor". But , actually , unfortunately  we cannot do anything else but recommending to search the web for "Dipole woofer" or "Ri-Pol woofer" (Ri-Pole is a special German engineered dipole subwoofer construction from Freiburg/Brsg).

Or ask for our schedule and mile stones for that "Dipolithor" Subwoofer development. Right now we are hoping for finishing that project in the early autumn weeks. Listening sessions will be possible very soon. Please call for listening sessions.

The "DiPoliThor" will be available both, as Mono-subwoofer ( placed somewhere in the middle of the stereo axis) and as Stereo subwoofer (attached to the ESL directly). Adaption to your special room acoustics are possible and probably necessary as well.