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We also repair Beveridge panels!
Repair, refurbish and upgrade


Beveridge repair, servicing  and upgrading , finishing and refining ....


Beveridge panels after arrival in workshop

Please ask for a quote. And have a look at the video at bottom of the page

Beveridge open with torn diaphragm and dissolved conductive layer

Here you see the torn diaphragm and the dissolved metal conductive layer. Nearly all layer disappeared at the places of the stators' holes

Stretchin process of the Beveridge panel

We master these matters ........

Panel with glued gold diaphragm

Beveridge after repair

Beveridge after repair. It got extra insulation around the borders.

Screws changed to Nylon type

Changing metal screws to Nylon type ones. Better Insulation



Beveridge PSU, measuring ESL relevant constants



!Simply solder off the defective panels and send them in.

Test an run in of repaired Beveridge panel
Test and run in procedure after repair, listening test with Podszus-Görlich

Service fully guaranteed!


Have look at the video

All photos CopyRight of Shackman-reromanus. Reiner E. Römer