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Get back your Hörfreude
Let your Martin Logan speakers sing again


Martin Logan  repair, servicing  and upgrading , finishing and refining ....



we master these matters ........


........up to matched conditions serial repair!


ML new vertical spacers

Martin Logan new spacers rotated

See video on bottom of the page

Martin Logan on stretching jig

Martin Logan on lift before touching the diaphragm above

Martin Logon on jig after lifting the stator to the pre-stretched diaphragm

Martin Logan glueing

See video on bottom of the page

MArtin Logan measuring mechanical tension after stretching

We keep your gems alive

Martin Logan after stretching the panel to be removed from the jig

!Simply solder off the defective panels and send them in.

Martin Logan after having been desoldered from foil and removed from Jig

Have a look at the stretching jig  video


Service fully guaranteed!

All photos Copyright,,  Reiner  E. Römer



Modern and better High Voltage cables and insulation?

Because one thing is clear - The more isolation and better contact you have, the less HV, either from the EHT or from the step up transformer, is going away to nirvana, despite coming from the best amp o the world.

We have  very flexible cable, white silicon rubber jacket, 30kV insulation.  The center conductor is 20 AWG, 19 strand, silver plated, Overall diameter is not less than 4mm. No single electron will pass its way through that isolation. Unbeatable for everlasting results -And- It gives the kick to the last bits of something like unnatural "buzzing harshness" (see chapter Mylar PET foil contra Hoechst PP PHD somewhere else)  in the mid-highs of the 57/63 Quads listening to some of  the  well known and very special vinyl (and CD as well ) recordings.


Service fully guaranteed!!